Frequently Asked Questions


Hiring a marquee can be confusing and for most people an unfamiliar experience. Below, we attempt to help you answer some basic questions about marquees that we hope will help you pick which marquee is right for you.


How long is a piece of string? The prices on our  marquees can range from £130 to over £5000. These prices include carpet flooring, standard lighting, delivery and set up, and, for the higher of the two prices for each size, marquee lining as well. Furniture will need to be factored on top. Unfortunately, working out how much your marquee will cost isn't totally straightforward. The quickest way to get a rough idea of prices is to use our quick contact. It is fast and we will be able to offer you a quotation quickly. Another simple way is to use the fact that marquees typically cost between £10 and £50 per person. The lower price is for a basic unlined marquee with matting, simple lighting and furniture. The higher price would be for the marquee with absolutely everything - hard floor, carpet, night sky, chill out areas etc. Most marques fall within the £20 to £30 bracket. So pick a number that seems about right for the sort of marquee you want and then multiply that by the number of guests you expect. That will give you a rough idea of the cost of a marquee. A more accurate method is to measure your site or work out how big a marquee you need then give us a call so we can give you an accurate quotation. For an accurate price, please feel free to call us Or you can request a quotation from our website if you prefer.

The answer depends on a number of factors. How many guests you are expecting? Any extras - typically dance floors or tables to serve food? Whether you would like extra space for milling about? Once you have  these facts, we can work out your space requirements for you. Please contact usfor an accurate assessment. We are always happy to help.

Hiring a marquee from Blue Sky Gazebos Ltd is simple. 1. If you would like one, we offer a  free no-obligation site visit where we will  inspect and measure your site, and offer suggestions to help achieve the type of marquee, size, layout, and look that you desire. 2. We send you a quotation. 3. Following a confirmed booking, we will contact you  to confirm the arranged dates for putting up and taking down  your marquee. Normally, we like put up your  marquee a few days before your event, and dismantle it the day after. But we can work around your arrangements. 4. Our crews  will put up your marquee. If your  marquee is at your home, we will interfere with your home and life as little as possible. How long putting-up and taking down all depends on the size of  your marquee. In most cases, it will take less than a day.Our larger marquees may take two days or even more. 5. After the event, our crews will take down the marquee and ensure that the site is left clean and tidy. This typically take less than a day.

Once our crew has dissmantled the marquee we ensure your property is left as perfect as we found it. If a marquee has been on site for a period of time there may be slight change of colour on grass surfaces but this is back to normal after a week or so. We have a fantastic crew of highly trained marquee erectors who all know how important it is to leave a site clean and tidy. You can be assured that wherever we go, we will not leave a mess.

Blue Sky Gazebos Ltd can supply diffrent types of marquees: Framed marquees: rectangular shaped tents that need no extra space around them so they are good for smaller spaces and as an extensionto a building. They can also be combined for flexible space planning. Frame marquees have no inner poles. Traditional marquees: pretty tents with curved tops and inner poles. Need more space around them  so require slightly larger venues. Please give us a call for more information about our marquee types.